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6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling

6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling
6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling
The simple idea to find yourself without Internet access when you are traveling gives you hives? Rest assured, there are all sorts of tricks to get free WiFi
 wherever you are (almost) on the globe.

 If you are in a big city, it will generally be sufficient to lift your nose to fall on public access areas or on restaurants, hotels, bars or cafes mentioning "free wifi".
 But what if there is neither Hotspots or Starbucks?

Hunt wi-fi!

 In libraries 

Whether to work or simply to access the Internet without having to consume coffee or whatever, you can tour the side libraries or even some shopping centers.

 If you are in Centre-du-Québec, you can also note the free access points from this card.

 With Applications

 To simplify and optimize its hunt wi-fi, you can also use an application like Wifimap, giving access to over 2 million passwords worldwide. There is even a pro paid version that allows access to that card offline access points.

 Moreover, not always easy to consult and co cards without Internet access! Before leaving, thinking download your "wi-fi map" and the cards you need to travel on your phone.

6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling
6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling

Smart Applications 

Find nearby networks If your phone does not detect any network, there are applications to give a hand to your mobile device, such as Wi-Fi Analyzer or Data Scanner
even hidden networks become visible.

 For safety reasons, however, are careful not to make online purchases
 or other transaction of its kind with this connection. 

Share Network 

Another Open Garden app allows for its smartphones, tablets and laptops to share a connection with other devices nearby. If you get the connection of others, however, 
you must also share your own - possibly - to earn credits.

 Use coupon Code 

You can also use the code ... coupons! Some sites indeed free trial periods as well as discounts for a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) with different Internet providers. 

Mobile Modem 

If you do not want to break your head, you can still use your phone as '' wireless modem '' 
or use the 'tethering'. In other words, you can share the connection
 of your phone with your computer. 

However, ask about the terms of your agreement with your supplier, 
especially about your data limit and your data roaming!

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Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Whatever night of the week, you can enjoy the nightlife of Rio: outdoor bars lakeside, a local bar (botecos) welcoming, festive bars in the colonial streets of Centro,
 beach kiosks , lounge bars and chic clubs scattered throughout the city. 
Discover places to party through the night in Rio!

 1. The Festive Scene Rio 

As in most cities in the world, several trends are emerging as the affinities of owls (models, surfers, hip, hippies, sores, etc.), although it is not uncommon that the boundaries are blurred. The wealthy population of the Zona Sul generally favors posh clubs 
of Gávea and Barra, while an alternative crowd frequents clubs Botafogo.
 Lapa bars and ballrooms attract revelers from all backgrounds, 
all united in the love of samba.

 Institutions appear and disappear, and the best parties are often exceptional events in unique locations; a local source is valuable for current information. If you read some Portuguese, visit Veja Rio supplement Veja magazine, published on Sunday. Rio Show, inset spent on leisure in the Friday edition of O Globo newspaper, also has a long list of addresses.

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

2. Botecos And Breweries

 To get an idea of ​​the nightlife of Rio, familiarize yourself first with a socio-cultural symbol of the city: the boteco. These relaxed bars, open to the street, are installed at every street corner and attract a diverse clientele. The Cariocas of all backgrounds meet there around a pint (draft beer) ice cold or a caipirinha (cocktail with cachaça, lime and sugar), to flirt and exchange the latest gossip while bow-tie waiters move among the crowd. 

If every Carioca has his favorite football team, each person also has their favorite boteco. The botecos range from small unpretentious bistro, which serves beer cans to customers seated around simple plastic tables in the classic bar open for several generations, 
with wood paneling and murals and elaborate cocktails. 

Whichever place you choose, you will find that a significant portion is given to the food. Indeed, the Cariocas classify bars not only according drinks and atmosphere, but also on the card. 

Lately, brewing supply has improved considerably due to the rise of craft breweries in the country. New bars serving great beers from local and national breweries have opened throughout the city, and the Cariocas are discovered a new passion for these beers.

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

3. Clubs And NightClubs In Rio De Janeiro 

Rio has great places to move her bunda ( ass ) . DJs out bins the latest hits of house, drum'n'bass and hip-hop, as well as typically Brazilian mix as electro- samba and bossa -jazz . In addition to local DJs, the city attracts gurus vinyl São Paulo, New York and London during major events . Flyers announcing the dance evenings are available in the shops 
of Ipanema and Leblon , and surf shops of Galeria River, next to the Praia Arpoador . 

You 'll save money by registering on the guest list - it usually is to simply add his name to the list of the evening on the club's Facebook page.

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What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?

What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?
What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?

There is little time again, Cuba was more than the country of rationing of gastronomy. Then the withdrawal of Fidel Castro has had the effect of a revelation. political and economic reforms helping, culinary creation, long muzzled by the state, takes full advantage of this revival. The revolution of the furnaces is running. 

Culinary Revolution In Cuba

 Relegated to the back benches of the international culinary scene, the Cuban table was long deemed frugal or widely derided for its portioned, unique ham and cheese sandwiches insipid, its age-old chickens fried to the bone. Since the economic reforms of 2011 and the authorization of private restaurants (previously limited to 12 people) to expand and diversify, the picture changed completely. It is even a revolution. The formerly disgruntled passengers Cuban cuisine and consoled themselves with cigars and rum now feast on honey chicken, savory bechamel sauces and revisited versions of traditional Cuban dishes such as ropa vieja (spicy minced beef). Based on this trend, Havana and other cities full of new private restaurants experimenting with recipes and ingredients hitherto unpublished in the country. Finally freed from the yoke of rationing of the 1990s, Cuban leaders are now trying to fusion cuisine or pinkish cooking, also adorning their food menus like eggplant caviar. 

For a first visit and taste buds accustomed to the variety and abundance of food, there is nothing fantastic. But for those who knew Cuba in the early 2000s, the big surprise.

What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?
What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?

Cuban Food, Fruit Blend 5 Centuries 

Like music and architecture, Cuban cuisine is the result of various flavors, recipes and techniques passed by successive travelers came to the island from the time of Columbus and Diego Velázquez. A sort of bubbling pot of ingredients imported from Spain, Africa, France, the Taino culture and other Caribbean islands, that would have let simmer for five centuries. 

Taino, Cuban cuisine has retained native root vegetable of the island, yuca (cassava) and sweet potatoes, or fruits such as guava. The Spaniards bequeathed their penchant for pork, rice, spices, and cooking techniques. As for African slaves, they did discover in Cuba the different ways of cooking plantains and the congrí (rice and beans with spices prepared in one pot). Finally, Cuba shares with its island neighbors the inimitable taste of Caribbean cuisine that can be found in the sofrito, tomato sauce decorated with onions, 
pepper, garlic, bay leaves and cumin.

What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?
What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?

All these mixed flavors, these culinary traditions marinated for centuries gave what is now called the kitchen "Cuban", simple, generous, healthy, reasonably spicy (with cumin and oregano priority) while being very fragrant . The roast pork is the dish of choice, closely followed by the fried or roasted chicken, often raised sauces lemon or honey. The marine component is never far away, lobster, crab, shrimp, aguja (swordfish) and snapper (snapper) abound, as many marine flavors adored by Cubans. Rice priority accompanies all dishes, often associated with beans (black in the first course, red in the second)
 to make the Moors and Christians or congrí. Other dishes lighthouse: 
root vegetables, often accompanied by plantains, cooked in a thousand ways. 

In season, Cuban lawyers are a treat and lush tropical fruits. Casas particulares of the breakfast usually starts with traditional fruity straight - banana, papaya, mango, pineapple and guava. Of these five fruits, only guava and pineapple were present on the island before the arrival of the Spaniards. Bananas and mangoes are a colonial contribution 
from Asia, while papayas come from South America.

Do not leave Cuba without having tasted the national dish ropa vieja the , 
roast pork with all the trimmings , the picadillo ( ground beef with olives and capers ) 
the tostones ( plantains fried twice ) and Moors and Christians .

What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?
What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?

History Of Rum In Cuba 

In the middle of the nineteenth century, Cubans became the rum distillation of the pioneers in successfully transforming aguardiente, rough water spirits and unrefined used by sailors and pirates in the region in a "Ron Superior" soft and white used today in fancy cocktails such as the mojito and daiquiri. At the origin of this metamorphosis is the experiment conducted in 1862 by a Catalan, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó (1814-1886), in his "rum" in Santiago de Cuba (a former port warehouse), by macerating the excellent sugar cane produced in the region to distill and produce a new kind of old rum, delicate, fresh and fruity on the palate. It was an almost immediate success and quickly became synonymous Bacardí rum, now playing the Catalan family influence in the country's affairs until the arrival of Fidel Castro to power in the early 1960s Bacardí Dynasty and business then left Cuba to Bermuda, brand disappearing forever from the Cuban market. But the rum distillery founded by Don Facundo always produces the local Ron Caney famous "rum of the revolution", aged in old casks Bacardi.

What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?
What Foods Are Eaten In Cuba?

Another famous Cuban rum producers dynasty, slightly less successful than the first, the Arechabala fled Cuba in 1973 after the seizure by the Cuban revolutionary government of the family company Havana Club, founded a century ago by José Cárdenas to Arechabala . Today, Havana Club represents 40% of alcohol sales to Cuba.

 Besides the factory Ron Caney in Santiago and the Havana Club now located in Santa Cruz del Norte near Havana, Cuba has more than 100 rum distilleries. The locals will tell you most likely of Ron Santiago de Cuba, Ron Mulata (manufactured in Villa Clara) or Ron Varadero.

 Cuban rum is made from molasses, a residue from sugar cane refining. Its production in Cuba was supervised by generations of maestros romeros (rum masters), which must have at least 15 years of experience in the rum tasting. The color (brown, amber or white) and age (Nejo) characterizes rum. Good rum can be 3 years old as 14 years of age. If visitors have a preference for rum-based cocktails (always white rum), Cubans enjoy more brown and dry rum, served without ice, the purest flavor.

Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage

Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage
Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage

Traveling with children is the assurance of living together an extraordinary adventure. Whether you are for the first time with your offspring or you are followers of a family trip, you have to prepare your luggage carefully: Follow our tips to remember everything and ensure your children stay in the best conditions. 

Suitcase, Travel Bag Or Backpack? 

She's beautiful rolling suitcase! Ideal for traveling in an airport or on a smooth sidewalk. But often quickly disillusioned once happened to ... It depends on the conditions of travel. If you stay permanently (hotel, rental apartment ...), this type of bag will do nicely. The travel bag will seem inconvenient, however well (and very heavy) when you have to keep 
a little by hand or wear a piece of cabbage tired. 

If you are unaccustomed to backpacks, know that there are all kinds. It is important to spend time in specialty stores to choose her bag depending on its size and the curve of her back; there are special bags for children and others designed for women. Good alternative to the classic backpack, the suitcase backpack has the advantage of being open on top when laid flat. His braces line up for air travel. In addition, maintenance is not too bad. 
Prefer waterproof bags and do not forget the padlocks! 

A tip for organizing your luggage for families: the Sacansacs! These square pockets, cotton or polyamide, can be stacked in bags and suitcases, and open from the top. They come in different thicknesses and dimensions (30 × 30 cm, 40 × 30 cm ...). We can choose different colors and assign to each. It is easier to make sense of medicines, children clothes and personal effects!

Choose The Children's Clothes For The Holidays 

Prepare your luggage in advance, it will help you to think of everything. 

If you go in a hot country, do not carry too. The children will spend their time in shorts and T-shirt, and the clothes will dry in 2 minutes after washing. If necessary, there are very cool outfits worldwide. Always prefer natural materials like cotton. 

In cold countries, you will have to charge you a little more - but the right clothes are often cheaper in countries with harsh climates. Better to focus dressing in layers as sweaters wholesale collection which take up space and quickly 
become too hot when you enter a warm place. 

Important: the shoes! Please do not leave with a new pair that the child has never worn, especially if it comes to shoes. If you fly in the sun in winter, put his new barefoot at home; a poorly made tong can hurt the foot, so realizing it before! If you plan to walk a lot, choose the child a high shoe canvas or leather (a waterproof footwear is required for wetlands), not too heavy - you find quality walking shoes and very cheap for Toddler 
in major sporting surfaces. In the mountains, invest in a good pair of special shoes. 
To the sea, remember jellyfish (plastic sandals), essential to protect sea urchins.

Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage
Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage

The family Travel kit 

Sometimes just a few things to make your trip: 

A camera 
A small recorder to capture local sound, children reflections ... 
(unless your cell phone is equipped) 
A flashlight, small and efficient (possibly front), with a battery of stock - square batteries are hard to find -; there are good models dynamo 
A card game 
A dice game 
Colored pencils, small notebooks, glue, scissors (to be placed in the hold) - just to make a nice travel diary 
Gouaches a box (there are very small that last for years) 
Some paperback books 
A sewing kit 
A "sleeping bag" to the child's height to always sleep in clean sheets
 (do it yourself with 2 single or double sheets)
 A wallet that the child always has three under him 
A gourd 
A slight cup and cutlery (to constitute a picnic kit) 
A bag for dirty laundry 
Two plastic bags tucked into the bag - they help you out you to protect or wrap 
Small heaters or a reusable mini water bottle for cold regions TA little mist to hot countries Possibly: a pop-up tent that will serve as crib

Equipment And Accessories For Traveling With A Baby

A stroller or baby carrier next trip - the first to be compact
 and able to lie to the child to take a nap 
A small cover 
A reserve of diapers, wipes 
For the sea, a beach shelter and a small inflatable boat 
( which will serve as extra bed , park , boat, pool , etc.) - can duplicate a pop-up tent 
A small towel for a small blanket or a diaper in order to change baby anywhere
 A pop-up bed if the child is under 6 months 
A nomadic baby seat ( compact and lightweight ) 
A blanket and blanket ... a second ! 
Cold sterilization tablets 
Teats and pacifiers spare

Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?

Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?
Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?

Travelling by bike is relevant to the economic, ecological and human. However, the choice, maintenance and repair of a bicycle require a certain amount of knowledge and skills. It is better not to improvise. Once well equipped and mastered the basics of mechanics, the adventure that awaits you is mainly limited by your boldness and your imagination! Prepare your bag with our detailed list and climb into the saddle! 

Tooling For A Bike Trip 

Many bike parts are specific and difficult to repair without a precise and appropriate tools. Before departure, check that you have all the tools to disassemble the important parts 
of the bike, especially the tools found there. It is essential to know how to use it 
and how your bike is mounted. Disassemble the parts and reassemble them, test the settings! 

If you are traveling with others, use of bicycles same brand and same model
 can simplify many things because then you would need the same tools and spare parts.

Essential Tools For Cycling 

Tire repair kit 3 tire levers, patch (patch), glue and sandpaper
Bicycle pump and valve adapters, small valve (Presta) and big valve (Schrader). 
Some pumps have a built-in pressure gauge, handy to check tire pressure. 
Spanners sizes 8, 9 and 15 (derailleur, luggage rack, pedals)
Allen key sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 
Small Screwdriver 
Spoke wrench to expose the wheels, that is to say, 
straighten a warped rim 
Chain tool to disassemble and repair chain and derailleur 
Quick links for easy assembly / disassembly of the chain 
Oilcan and grease 
 Small grater / sandpaper 

What tinker: rubber, screws, wire, string, fishing line, sewing needle, glue strong, strong tape, waterproof kind Duct Tape leather piece of tire / bedroom, oilcloth, cutter, cutting pliers cut the cables, clamp strip to hold and shoot, saw blade metal, small file, hammer, etc. 

Most of the tools presented here are generally grouped in compact, lightweight comprehensive tool holders, the most comprehensive models being developed for mountain biking. Omnipresent near the main roads, garages and tire repair shops 
will help you to some tools, the time to repair.

Specific Tools 

If you are driving in an area where it will not be possible to access the tool
 or a bicycle repair service, you better equip yourself also specific tools: 

Tire-cassette / tire-pinions
 Crank puller 
Adjustable Spanner 
Chain whip 
Keys Extra-flat cone (depending on the bike: 12x13 or 13x14 or 15x16) 

Spare Parts 

Replacement parts are heavy and bulky. It may be strategic to renew them as and before they break, making you send. The parts to provide a minimum for long-distance journey: 

Tubes (attention to the size and type of valve) 
A tire or spare tire (foldable) 
Cables for brakes and derailleur 
Brake shoes 
Spokes and spoke heads (about ten) 
Rear derailleur
Spare batteries for the meter and headlights
 Brake springs

Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?
Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?

Types of luggage bike

 There are three ways to carry his baggage: on the back, on the bike or in a trailer. Of course, it is possible to combine these techniques! Do load tests before departure to arrive at the best solution. Check the resistance of the material, tire pressure, stability and handling. It is important to distribute the load by placing heavy items at the bottom, but also to think about the functional aspect. 

Travelling by bike with a backpack 

This is probably the simplest technically, but it is far from being the best since tired back. However, if the bag is coupled with a loaded roof rack, it can build on it and relieve shoulders. 

Maximum Weight : 15 kg 

On the bike: luggage and bags 

Luggage on the bike is the most popular and most lightweight option, but not necessarily the most practical or most comfortable. Indeed, a bicycle loaded is more difficult to handle, whether one is over or it is moved by pushing it. 

The rack can be placed at the front and rear of the bicycle. They will be severely put to the test with the weight and vibration of the road. That is why it is best to choose the steel, solid metal and easy to mend in case of breakage. The attachment points must be very strong but not too many, especially in the front, to allow flexibility to all rack-fork. The front rack should be low enough (low rack) to avoid the bars shake (vibrations of the bike).

Tip: insert the rubber washers between the bike frame and the attachment points of the luggage limit vibration and extend the life of the latter. 

The best bags are waterproof and resistant fabric tears , the Ortlieb brand is the reference in the field . They must be secured on the carrier, possibly using tensioners to prevent sloshing . Other selection criteria are : volume , functionality, lightness, 
ability to repair easily , speed and the mounting safety and disassembly , 
aesthetics and the ability to be used as bag regardless of bike . 

Maximum Weight : 30 to 50 kg of baggage in total, with two thirds of the load at the front

Cycling With a Trailer 

Unless you have large loads or wanting to carry a child, the mono-wheel trailer is recommended: lighter and more maneuverable, it goes everywhere. 
Weigh the pros and cons with the table above. 

Maximum Weight: 30 kg to 60 kg 

Tip: Some cyclists have adapted their trailer to make a tent structure. One can, for example, use the tray, extend or unfold it and make it a sleeping base, we can also draw the trailer to make it a high point on which we would set a tarp, etc. 

List Travel By Bike 

To help you in preparing your bag, here are several proposals 
for equipment lists (see tables on following pages), established under three scenarios: 

Case 1 = Extremely light (the bare minimum) 
Case 2 = Mat (weight and footprint means) 
Case 3 = Complete (ready for any eventuality, 
but limiting the porting time) 

We detail the weight and price of each object to calculate the weight and the total price indication (price of the French market). However, the lists include clothing worn during the day, which will not contribute to the total weight of the bag. 

The final price is high approximation ever you should spend so much money to equip you. You probably already have many of the objects or you can buy them at lower prices, especially in the used sporting goods markets in other countries where they are sometimes cheaper than in France . Weight is however calculated accurately 
and give you a pretty clear idea of ​​the final weight of your bag.

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Where To Go In December ?

Where To Go In December ?
Where To Go In December ?

Christmas in the mountains or Christmas in the sun? Dilemma. The conditions for skiing are back, but it's also the perfect time to discover the major destinations in the southern hemisphere, which receive maximum sunlight. 
Here are some ideas for destinations for Christmas holidays 

Trip To The Sun And Beach In December

 It's summer (and major holidays) on the south coast of Australia: 
to you the Great Ocean Road in Victoria or the vineyards of Adelaide.

 As in the rest of the Caribbean, December is one of the most beautiful months 
of the year in St. Lucia, where you can choose between relaxation and kitesurfing.

 Also: New Caledonia, South Coast of the Dominican Republic, Mauritius and Rodrigues, Seychelles, Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy, Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Galapagos Islands, Guyana French, Venezuela, Honduras, Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, Malaysia, Maldives, Canary.

Wonders Of The World To Discover The End Of The Year 

Discover the unique light to the world of Patagonia (Chile and Argentina) 
and Tierra del Fuego enjoying the sunshine of the southern summer. 

The chilling cold of the Arctic Circle is the price to pay to witness
 the spectacle of the Northern Lights in Iceland or Finland,
 but they are worth it! 

Winter is the best time to explore the western US 
deserts without being overwhelmed by heat. 

And Also: Jordan, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Benin, Ivory Coast, Senegal, Namibia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, southern China. 

Sports Activities To Do In December 

Start of the ski season in the northern hemisphere: enjoy it in Savoy; if you are looking for cheap European resorts, head to the Carpathian Mountains in Romania. 

More explosive, you can hit the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. 

If your idea of ​​chic fills is to surf at Christmas, 
then definitely take your ticket to Hawaii, towards the North Shore of Oahu. 

And Also: Canada, Lebanon, Alps and Pyrenees (skiing); 
Maluku, Papua, Mauritius (diving and snorkeling); Portugal (surf)

From Breaking The End Of The Year 

Known for its channel and hats, Panama offers a myriad of activities to ressoucer: hiking, bird watching, surfing, diving ... You can, in one day, swim in the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific !

 Only country in Southeast Asia is deprived of access to the sea,
 Laos does not have less than idyllic tropical islands on the Mekong, 
and beautiful nature reserves. 

And Also: Puerto Rico, Belize, Bangladesh 

City ​Breaks To December 

The beginning of winter is particularly pleasant in Florence 
and you will benefit further from lower tourist season. 

cool weather and sun, in short, ideal climate for exploring Hong Kong. 

And Also: Calcutta, Bangkok, Dubai, Sydney, Miami 

Events And Culture At Year End 

Who said in December, said the Christmas market, and its procession of mulled wine! Those Munich, Strasbourg, Salzburg and Vienna are particularly famous,
 but the tradition is also based in Chicago. 

Bells, whistles and drums fill the streets on Boxing Day for Junkanoo. 
Featured in Kingston, Jamaica, and Nassau, in the Bahamas, 
the festival has its origins in West Africa Peoples

Where To Go In October ?

Where To Go In October ?
Where To Go In October ?

The two big advantages of October are its generally mild temperatures and a trough of tourist flows, resulting in more affordable rates for major destinations; it is also a perfect month for a city break. Here are our suggestions for you travel in October.

 From The Beach And The Sun In October 

Indian summer and fall foliage gather magical conditions to discover Quebec and Cape Breton, or the regions of San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, then enjoy warm temperatures. 

Boasting in October from a hot climate without being stuffy, 
the New Caledonia lends itself so much water sports to hiking. 

And Also: Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Portugal, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, south-west and north-west Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji Islands, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Mozambique.

Wonders Of The World To Discover In October 

Cool and clear skies in the north, tropical sweetness in the south: 
October is a particularly appropriate time for the grand tour of China.

 South Korea and Japan are resplendent in autumn. 

Discover Ecuador, its perennial Indian cultures, its beautifully preserved colonial architecture, breathtaking volcanoes, the Amazon jungle. 

And Also: Nepal, Jordan, Peru, Bolivia, New Zealand, Malawi, Zimbabwe. 

Sports And Activities To Do In October 

Nicaragua is still experiencing the season surfing and allows observation of the fascinating spectacle of thousands of turtles laying their eggs in La Flor. 

This is the ideal time to go to Cyprus. There are few people and it is the right time for activities such as diving, but also hiking or biking in the Troodos Mountains. 

And Also: Seychelles, Maldives (surfing); Moluccas, Mozambique, Cape Verde (diving)


The sweetness of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan established 
as the resort on the Caspian, is the most significant in October.

 Long closed to tourists, Bhutan remains a destination as 
shrouded in mystery as fiercely Buddhist. 

long sunny days, mild temperatures: seduced by the treasures of Armenia,
 the friendliness of its people is not the slightest. 

Also: Iran, Uzbekistan, Poland 

City Experience

 The humid subtropical climate of multicultural Shanghai offers
 optimum viewing window in October. 

You are more delicious tapas and flamenco concerts, or paella and Museum of Science and Arts? According, go to Seville or Valencia, or treat yourself to both, 
enjoying the warm weather in October. 

And Also: Montreal, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, Lisbon, 
Madrid, Rome, London, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, Istanbul. 

Events and Culture

 Beer, pretzels and lederhosen: Oktoberfest, Munich inseparable event - where the festivities begin in the second half of September - is equally impressive in Fredricksburg, Texas, in the university city of Cordoba, Argentina, and Namibia, a former German African colony. 

Trick or treat? - Halloween, monsters and ghosts invade the streets of the US, particularly beyond inventiveness in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.