dimanche 31 juillet 2016

Where To Go In October ?

Where To Go In October ?
Where To Go In October ?

The two big advantages of October are its generally mild temperatures and a trough of tourist flows, resulting in more affordable rates for major destinations; it is also a perfect month for a city break. Here are our suggestions for you travel in October.

 From The Beach And The Sun In October 

Indian summer and fall foliage gather magical conditions to discover Quebec and Cape Breton, or the regions of San Francisco, Seattle and Vancouver, then enjoy warm temperatures. 

Boasting in October from a hot climate without being stuffy, 
the New Caledonia lends itself so much water sports to hiking. 

And Also: Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Portugal, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, south-west and north-west Australia, Indonesia, Tahiti, Fiji Islands, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brazil, South Africa, Morocco, Mozambique.

Wonders Of The World To Discover In October 

Cool and clear skies in the north, tropical sweetness in the south: 
October is a particularly appropriate time for the grand tour of China.

 South Korea and Japan are resplendent in autumn. 

Discover Ecuador, its perennial Indian cultures, its beautifully preserved colonial architecture, breathtaking volcanoes, the Amazon jungle. 

And Also: Nepal, Jordan, Peru, Bolivia, New Zealand, Malawi, Zimbabwe. 

Sports And Activities To Do In October 

Nicaragua is still experiencing the season surfing and allows observation of the fascinating spectacle of thousands of turtles laying their eggs in La Flor. 

This is the ideal time to go to Cyprus. There are few people and it is the right time for activities such as diving, but also hiking or biking in the Troodos Mountains. 

And Also: Seychelles, Maldives (surfing); Moluccas, Mozambique, Cape Verde (diving)


The sweetness of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan established 
as the resort on the Caspian, is the most significant in October.

 Long closed to tourists, Bhutan remains a destination as 
shrouded in mystery as fiercely Buddhist. 

long sunny days, mild temperatures: seduced by the treasures of Armenia,
 the friendliness of its people is not the slightest. 

Also: Iran, Uzbekistan, Poland 

City Experience

 The humid subtropical climate of multicultural Shanghai offers
 optimum viewing window in October. 

You are more delicious tapas and flamenco concerts, or paella and Museum of Science and Arts? According, go to Seville or Valencia, or treat yourself to both, 
enjoying the warm weather in October. 

And Also: Montreal, San Francisco, New York, Boston, Washington, Lisbon, 
Madrid, Rome, London, Brussels, Geneva, Zurich, Berlin, Istanbul. 

Events and Culture

 Beer, pretzels and lederhosen: Oktoberfest, Munich inseparable event - where the festivities begin in the second half of September - is equally impressive in Fredricksburg, Texas, in the university city of Cordoba, Argentina, and Namibia, a former German African colony. 

Trick or treat? - Halloween, monsters and ghosts invade the streets of the US, particularly beyond inventiveness in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.