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Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?

Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?
Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?

Travelling by bike is relevant to the economic, ecological and human. However, the choice, maintenance and repair of a bicycle require a certain amount of knowledge and skills. It is better not to improvise. Once well equipped and mastered the basics of mechanics, the adventure that awaits you is mainly limited by your boldness and your imagination! Prepare your bag with our detailed list and climb into the saddle! 

Tooling For A Bike Trip 

Many bike parts are specific and difficult to repair without a precise and appropriate tools. Before departure, check that you have all the tools to disassemble the important parts 
of the bike, especially the tools found there. It is essential to know how to use it 
and how your bike is mounted. Disassemble the parts and reassemble them, test the settings! 

If you are traveling with others, use of bicycles same brand and same model
 can simplify many things because then you would need the same tools and spare parts.

Essential Tools For Cycling 

Tire repair kit 3 tire levers, patch (patch), glue and sandpaper
Bicycle pump and valve adapters, small valve (Presta) and big valve (Schrader). 
Some pumps have a built-in pressure gauge, handy to check tire pressure. 
Spanners sizes 8, 9 and 15 (derailleur, luggage rack, pedals)
Allen key sizes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 
Small Screwdriver 
Spoke wrench to expose the wheels, that is to say, 
straighten a warped rim 
Chain tool to disassemble and repair chain and derailleur 
Quick links for easy assembly / disassembly of the chain 
Oilcan and grease 
 Small grater / sandpaper 

What tinker: rubber, screws, wire, string, fishing line, sewing needle, glue strong, strong tape, waterproof kind Duct Tape leather piece of tire / bedroom, oilcloth, cutter, cutting pliers cut the cables, clamp strip to hold and shoot, saw blade metal, small file, hammer, etc. 

Most of the tools presented here are generally grouped in compact, lightweight comprehensive tool holders, the most comprehensive models being developed for mountain biking. Omnipresent near the main roads, garages and tire repair shops 
will help you to some tools, the time to repair.

Specific Tools 

If you are driving in an area where it will not be possible to access the tool
 or a bicycle repair service, you better equip yourself also specific tools: 

Tire-cassette / tire-pinions
 Crank puller 
Adjustable Spanner 
Chain whip 
Keys Extra-flat cone (depending on the bike: 12x13 or 13x14 or 15x16) 

Spare Parts 

Replacement parts are heavy and bulky. It may be strategic to renew them as and before they break, making you send. The parts to provide a minimum for long-distance journey: 

Tubes (attention to the size and type of valve) 
A tire or spare tire (foldable) 
Cables for brakes and derailleur 
Brake shoes 
Spokes and spoke heads (about ten) 
Rear derailleur
Spare batteries for the meter and headlights
 Brake springs

Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?
Bicycle Touring : That Put In Your Bag ?

Types of luggage bike

 There are three ways to carry his baggage: on the back, on the bike or in a trailer. Of course, it is possible to combine these techniques! Do load tests before departure to arrive at the best solution. Check the resistance of the material, tire pressure, stability and handling. It is important to distribute the load by placing heavy items at the bottom, but also to think about the functional aspect. 

Travelling by bike with a backpack 

This is probably the simplest technically, but it is far from being the best since tired back. However, if the bag is coupled with a loaded roof rack, it can build on it and relieve shoulders. 

Maximum Weight : 15 kg 

On the bike: luggage and bags 

Luggage on the bike is the most popular and most lightweight option, but not necessarily the most practical or most comfortable. Indeed, a bicycle loaded is more difficult to handle, whether one is over or it is moved by pushing it. 

The rack can be placed at the front and rear of the bicycle. They will be severely put to the test with the weight and vibration of the road. That is why it is best to choose the steel, solid metal and easy to mend in case of breakage. The attachment points must be very strong but not too many, especially in the front, to allow flexibility to all rack-fork. The front rack should be low enough (low rack) to avoid the bars shake (vibrations of the bike).

Tip: insert the rubber washers between the bike frame and the attachment points of the luggage limit vibration and extend the life of the latter. 

The best bags are waterproof and resistant fabric tears , the Ortlieb brand is the reference in the field . They must be secured on the carrier, possibly using tensioners to prevent sloshing . Other selection criteria are : volume , functionality, lightness, 
ability to repair easily , speed and the mounting safety and disassembly , 
aesthetics and the ability to be used as bag regardless of bike . 

Maximum Weight : 30 to 50 kg of baggage in total, with two thirds of the load at the front

Cycling With a Trailer 

Unless you have large loads or wanting to carry a child, the mono-wheel trailer is recommended: lighter and more maneuverable, it goes everywhere. 
Weigh the pros and cons with the table above. 

Maximum Weight: 30 kg to 60 kg 

Tip: Some cyclists have adapted their trailer to make a tent structure. One can, for example, use the tray, extend or unfold it and make it a sleeping base, we can also draw the trailer to make it a high point on which we would set a tarp, etc. 

List Travel By Bike 

To help you in preparing your bag, here are several proposals 
for equipment lists (see tables on following pages), established under three scenarios: 

Case 1 = Extremely light (the bare minimum) 
Case 2 = Mat (weight and footprint means) 
Case 3 = Complete (ready for any eventuality, 
but limiting the porting time) 

We detail the weight and price of each object to calculate the weight and the total price indication (price of the French market). However, the lists include clothing worn during the day, which will not contribute to the total weight of the bag. 

The final price is high approximation ever you should spend so much money to equip you. You probably already have many of the objects or you can buy them at lower prices, especially in the used sporting goods markets in other countries where they are sometimes cheaper than in France . Weight is however calculated accurately 
and give you a pretty clear idea of ​​the final weight of your bag.