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Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage

Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage
Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage

Traveling with children is the assurance of living together an extraordinary adventure. Whether you are for the first time with your offspring or you are followers of a family trip, you have to prepare your luggage carefully: Follow our tips to remember everything and ensure your children stay in the best conditions. 

Suitcase, Travel Bag Or Backpack? 

She's beautiful rolling suitcase! Ideal for traveling in an airport or on a smooth sidewalk. But often quickly disillusioned once happened to ... It depends on the conditions of travel. If you stay permanently (hotel, rental apartment ...), this type of bag will do nicely. The travel bag will seem inconvenient, however well (and very heavy) when you have to keep 
a little by hand or wear a piece of cabbage tired. 

If you are unaccustomed to backpacks, know that there are all kinds. It is important to spend time in specialty stores to choose her bag depending on its size and the curve of her back; there are special bags for children and others designed for women. Good alternative to the classic backpack, the suitcase backpack has the advantage of being open on top when laid flat. His braces line up for air travel. In addition, maintenance is not too bad. 
Prefer waterproof bags and do not forget the padlocks! 

A tip for organizing your luggage for families: the Sacansacs! These square pockets, cotton or polyamide, can be stacked in bags and suitcases, and open from the top. They come in different thicknesses and dimensions (30 × 30 cm, 40 × 30 cm ...). We can choose different colors and assign to each. It is easier to make sense of medicines, children clothes and personal effects!

Choose The Children's Clothes For The Holidays 

Prepare your luggage in advance, it will help you to think of everything. 

If you go in a hot country, do not carry too. The children will spend their time in shorts and T-shirt, and the clothes will dry in 2 minutes after washing. If necessary, there are very cool outfits worldwide. Always prefer natural materials like cotton. 

In cold countries, you will have to charge you a little more - but the right clothes are often cheaper in countries with harsh climates. Better to focus dressing in layers as sweaters wholesale collection which take up space and quickly 
become too hot when you enter a warm place. 

Important: the shoes! Please do not leave with a new pair that the child has never worn, especially if it comes to shoes. If you fly in the sun in winter, put his new barefoot at home; a poorly made tong can hurt the foot, so realizing it before! If you plan to walk a lot, choose the child a high shoe canvas or leather (a waterproof footwear is required for wetlands), not too heavy - you find quality walking shoes and very cheap for Toddler 
in major sporting surfaces. In the mountains, invest in a good pair of special shoes. 
To the sea, remember jellyfish (plastic sandals), essential to protect sea urchins.

Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage
Family Travel : To Prepare His Luggage

The family Travel kit 

Sometimes just a few things to make your trip: 

A camera 
A small recorder to capture local sound, children reflections ... 
(unless your cell phone is equipped) 
A flashlight, small and efficient (possibly front), with a battery of stock - square batteries are hard to find -; there are good models dynamo 
A card game 
A dice game 
Colored pencils, small notebooks, glue, scissors (to be placed in the hold) - just to make a nice travel diary 
Gouaches a box (there are very small that last for years) 
Some paperback books 
A sewing kit 
A "sleeping bag" to the child's height to always sleep in clean sheets
 (do it yourself with 2 single or double sheets)
 A wallet that the child always has three under him 
A gourd 
A slight cup and cutlery (to constitute a picnic kit) 
A bag for dirty laundry 
Two plastic bags tucked into the bag - they help you out you to protect or wrap 
Small heaters or a reusable mini water bottle for cold regions TA little mist to hot countries Possibly: a pop-up tent that will serve as crib

Equipment And Accessories For Traveling With A Baby

A stroller or baby carrier next trip - the first to be compact
 and able to lie to the child to take a nap 
A small cover 
A reserve of diapers, wipes 
For the sea, a beach shelter and a small inflatable boat 
( which will serve as extra bed , park , boat, pool , etc.) - can duplicate a pop-up tent 
A small towel for a small blanket or a diaper in order to change baby anywhere
 A pop-up bed if the child is under 6 months 
A nomadic baby seat ( compact and lightweight ) 
A blanket and blanket ... a second ! 
Cold sterilization tablets 
Teats and pacifiers spare