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Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Whatever night of the week, you can enjoy the nightlife of Rio: outdoor bars lakeside, a local bar (botecos) welcoming, festive bars in the colonial streets of Centro,
 beach kiosks , lounge bars and chic clubs scattered throughout the city. 
Discover places to party through the night in Rio!

 1. The Festive Scene Rio 

As in most cities in the world, several trends are emerging as the affinities of owls (models, surfers, hip, hippies, sores, etc.), although it is not uncommon that the boundaries are blurred. The wealthy population of the Zona Sul generally favors posh clubs 
of Gávea and Barra, while an alternative crowd frequents clubs Botafogo.
 Lapa bars and ballrooms attract revelers from all backgrounds, 
all united in the love of samba.

 Institutions appear and disappear, and the best parties are often exceptional events in unique locations; a local source is valuable for current information. If you read some Portuguese, visit Veja Rio supplement Veja magazine, published on Sunday. Rio Show, inset spent on leisure in the Friday edition of O Globo newspaper, also has a long list of addresses.

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

2. Botecos And Breweries

 To get an idea of ​​the nightlife of Rio, familiarize yourself first with a socio-cultural symbol of the city: the boteco. These relaxed bars, open to the street, are installed at every street corner and attract a diverse clientele. The Cariocas of all backgrounds meet there around a pint (draft beer) ice cold or a caipirinha (cocktail with cachaça, lime and sugar), to flirt and exchange the latest gossip while bow-tie waiters move among the crowd. 

If every Carioca has his favorite football team, each person also has their favorite boteco. The botecos range from small unpretentious bistro, which serves beer cans to customers seated around simple plastic tables in the classic bar open for several generations, 
with wood paneling and murals and elaborate cocktails. 

Whichever place you choose, you will find that a significant portion is given to the food. Indeed, the Cariocas classify bars not only according drinks and atmosphere, but also on the card. 

Lately, brewing supply has improved considerably due to the rise of craft breweries in the country. New bars serving great beers from local and national breweries have opened throughout the city, and the Cariocas are discovered a new passion for these beers.

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?
Rio De Janeiro : Where To Party ?

3. Clubs And NightClubs In Rio De Janeiro 

Rio has great places to move her bunda ( ass ) . DJs out bins the latest hits of house, drum'n'bass and hip-hop, as well as typically Brazilian mix as electro- samba and bossa -jazz . In addition to local DJs, the city attracts gurus vinyl São Paulo, New York and London during major events . Flyers announcing the dance evenings are available in the shops 
of Ipanema and Leblon , and surf shops of Galeria River, next to the Praia Arpoador . 

You 'll save money by registering on the guest list - it usually is to simply add his name to the list of the evening on the club's Facebook page.