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6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling

6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling
6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling
The simple idea to find yourself without Internet access when you are traveling gives you hives? Rest assured, there are all sorts of tricks to get free WiFi
 wherever you are (almost) on the globe.

 If you are in a big city, it will generally be sufficient to lift your nose to fall on public access areas or on restaurants, hotels, bars or cafes mentioning "free wifi".
 But what if there is neither Hotspots or Starbucks?

Hunt wi-fi!

 In libraries 

Whether to work or simply to access the Internet without having to consume coffee or whatever, you can tour the side libraries or even some shopping centers.

 If you are in Centre-du-Québec, you can also note the free access points from this card.

 With Applications

 To simplify and optimize its hunt wi-fi, you can also use an application like Wifimap, giving access to over 2 million passwords worldwide. There is even a pro paid version that allows access to that card offline access points.

 Moreover, not always easy to consult and co cards without Internet access! Before leaving, thinking download your "wi-fi map" and the cards you need to travel on your phone.

6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling
6 Tips To Get Free Wifi in While Traveling

Smart Applications 

Find nearby networks If your phone does not detect any network, there are applications to give a hand to your mobile device, such as Wi-Fi Analyzer or Data Scanner
even hidden networks become visible.

 For safety reasons, however, are careful not to make online purchases
 or other transaction of its kind with this connection. 

Share Network 

Another Open Garden app allows for its smartphones, tablets and laptops to share a connection with other devices nearby. If you get the connection of others, however, 
you must also share your own - possibly - to earn credits.

 Use coupon Code 

You can also use the code ... coupons! Some sites indeed free trial periods as well as discounts for a VPN connection (Virtual Private Network) with different Internet providers. 

Mobile Modem 

If you do not want to break your head, you can still use your phone as '' wireless modem '' 
or use the 'tethering'. In other words, you can share the connection
 of your phone with your computer. 

However, ask about the terms of your agreement with your supplier, 
especially about your data limit and your data roaming!

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